Ioana Alexandra Băltan 


My painting tries to come together based on mood and is centered on studying the human being, both in terms of physiognomy and inner feelings. I try to start from an analytical basis of the physiognomic elements of my characters, in order to distort them afterwards, reduce them to mood only, to emphasize their inner feelings. Therefore, my painting is a form of understanding the world, and is influenced both by my perceptions of people, and by music. Music has the role of acknowledging the emotions which will be included. Besides, I tend to use the following techniques as plastic resolutions: color of surfaces, spontaneous drawing, energetic spots, and extensive usage of “chiaroscuro”.
My works present a large variety of inner feelings, trying to place the spectator in the center of a universe that is both neurotic and full of life and color. The world embodied in my paintings is a mixture of emotions, life experiences, drama, illusions, reality, ideals and happiness.