Ioana Alexandra Niculescu Aron 

Not everything that glitters is gold. He drags after him the weight of some shadows that no longer have the same
value and relevance nowadays. Gypsies have forgotten their tents somewhere in between a unique kind of greatness
and nobility of some primitives with fervent blood.
Loaded with what I absorb permanently from the background of the place I live in, I am looking for answers inside
myself. Since I have no clear reference to reality (but only memories of feelings and signs) I generalize representations
of the human body. I am therefore dealing with two existences: that of the visionary and that of the human (the character
compliant to the becoming and the ephemeral). I live, like all other people, the time of globalization: in painting
as well, I try to gather all the people in a single one.

In Paris.JPG